The reopening MArRC doors, on Friday, June 26th, waiting for you

The reopening MArRC doors, on Friday, June 26th, waiting for you

The National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria is reopening its doors on June 26 th, with lots of enthusiasm and interesting news.

The binomial “culture and health” is the leitmotif of the MArRC that “returns to public life”, by the new contact-less rules.

The visits will be contingent for groups of 10 people maximum and staggered every 20 minutes, from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (with last entry at 7.00 pm, on the days of opening to the public, from Tuesday to Sunday, by mandatory reservation.

It will be possible to book on the institutional website of the MArRC (at, on the website of the concessionaire that manages the additional services, at, or by calling the telephone number: 320.7176148, or directly at the museum ticket desk.

It will also be possible to buy the ticket directly online.

You will need to be provided with a mask to enter the museum. At the entrance, body temperature will be measured, in compliance with the regulatory provisions on prevention and privacy. You can only enter if the thermoscanner at the entrance will mark less than 37.5 °.

The visit path is changing, to ensure health safety by reconciling it with the possibility of offering a full experience of art, beauty and knowledge. In a first phase, of experimental opening, only the D level of the permanent exhibition will be accessible for visits, on the ground floor, dedicated to ancient Reggio and the Riace and Porticello Bronzes in the dedicated room. In later times, the visit could continue to the upper floors, to end at level A, which houses remains that date back to Protohistory and Prehistory.

Special signs will guide the guests of the Museum along the way, providing useful information to take precautions to protect their own and of others health. The staff of assistants to the reception and surveillance will accompany the visiting groups, to ensure order along the obligatory visit path in order to guarantee compliance with safety measures and to intervene in case of any needs. 

Along the exhibition route and in the rest areas there will be aids for hand hygiene. A dedicated space to any emergencies from COVID-19 has been set up in the event of a sudden onset of suspected symptoms. Our Museum, that is commonly known as the “House of the Bronzes of Riace” or of Magna Graecia, thus is organizing its offer of visit in a new way, which exploits the value of “temperance” and the reflection that the lockdown for the national health emergency has left a legacy, with the ability to maintain the right distances between people and things, in order to better enjoy the beauty and richness of our cultural heritage, the material evidences of the history of Calabria and the treasures of the works of art and genius that our ancestors passed on to us.

The Riace Bronzes are certainly the main tourist attraction and the undisputed protagonists of the museum “great narrative”. The two masterpieces of ancient Greek art of the fifth Century BC are welcoming the visitors from the first moment of their entrance to the Museum, greeting them from the large windows which they overlook Piazza Paolo Orsi from, in an invitation to make together an unmissable and unforgettable trip to ancient Calabria.