Migrants. Last appointment for the Summer Nights at MArRC 2018

Migrants. Last appointment for the Summer Nights at MArRC 2018

Everyone is called to be on our magnificent terrace overlooking the Strait, on Saturday September 15th, for the last event for the summer extraordinary openings in 2018 and unforgettable Summer Nights at the MArRC!

At 9.00 pm, the essay-testimony "Migrants" (published by Città del Sole) will be presented by the author, Demetrio Spagna, the founder and president of the Museum of Musical Instrument, institutional partner of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, together the journalist Anna Foti and the president of the musical group Wise African Cultural Group (WACG), Blessing Ajuka Ngozi.

The director of MArRC Carmelo Malacrino will take the greatings together with the president of the cultural circle "Rhegium Julii", Pino Bova.

The little book tells a "beautiful story" of hospitality and integration of unaccompanied minor refugees in Calabria through music, which is – as Spagna declares - "a language of brotherhood and a culture of universal peace. It cancels prejudices, overcomes misunderstandings, nourishes trust and friendship".

The director of MArRC, Carmelo Malacrino, comments: "Museums are the places of cultures and therefore laboratories of integration. Through history and its testimonies we understand how our contemporary reality and our cultural identity are the result of meetings and contamination between peoples and civilizations over the centuries. The collaboration with the Museum of Musical Instrument – the director adds - is important not only for the cultural enhancement of this territory but also to promote a common sense of Mediterranean integration through music on a Strait that has always been a crossroads of cultures".

The colloquial evening will be introduced by a musical performance by the WACG musicians.