Covid-19 Emergency, a Note by Director Carmelo Malacrino

Covid-19 Emergency, a Note by Director Carmelo Malacrino

Reggio and Calabria get starting from culture

The national emergency is straining in these days our country in all its crucial sectors, from health to the economy, from education to the social system. On behalf of all the staff of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to those who are working to deal with the complexity of the moment and build the next return to normal.

Our thoughts cannot fail to go to Calabria and Reggio, a city that has welcomed me and that on several occasions has been able to excite me, in over four years of management of the MarRC: to the doctors and health workers of the city hospital, who fight with great sense of responsibility every day to heal and contain the infections from Covid-19; to the municipal administration, institutions and more generally to all productive resources which, in these days of restrictive but necessary measures, have had to rework their activities to limit the risks of the spread of the virus.

Special thanks go to the Prefecture and Law Enforcement, not only for the continuous action carried out at this stage in the area for the protection of citizens, but above all for that “always being there” that gives us serenity. A commitment that forms a network and which also addresses other institutions, such as our museum, which in this period will be subjected to greater security checks.

As we know, the MArRC is closed to the public for the appropriate health protection provisions. But it remains in the heart of all the citizens of Reggio and Calabria, I am sure; they who feel this Museum as their own place and therefore of everybody, as an inclusive and culturally dynamic space, an identity symbol of the tradition and history of this region. In the hope that soon we will all be able to return to admire the Riace Bronzes and all the other extraordinary exhibits on display, to visit temporary exhibitions and to participate in cultural events carried out in synergy with local authorities and associations.Even in this period, the MArRC will not stand still. Scientific, technical, administrative and supervisory activities will continue daily to ensure operational continuity and future planning. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all the staff, their continuous commitment and their professionalism.The museum is here. And the success of the flashmob “Art you ready?” initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism on Sunday, March 29th, and which saw the sharing of many photos on social channels, confirms that there are now many “ambassadors” who enthusiastically promote the MarRC, a museum that is also, and above all, their own“.

Reggio Calabria 30.03.2020

Carmelo Malacrino

Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria