At MArRC, Christmas in music, for art in movement

At MArRC, Christmas in music, for art in movement

At the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, the spectacular Christmas scenery of Piazza Paolo Orsi, with the large festively decorated fir tree, flanked by the majestic Riace Bronzes, which look out from their dedicated room, will host the “art in movement”, par excellence: music.

On Saturday, December 14th, 2019, in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music “Francesco Cilea”, at 5.00 pm, the Concert “The art stops to listen” of string ensembles will be offered. The participation is free.

They will perform: at the Viole, Giulia De Fontis and Miriana Calvani; to the Violoncelli, Riccardo Barbarisi, Clara Di Giusto, Gessica Lo Faro, Giada Carere; to the Violins, Cecilia Popa Mare, Teresa Franco, Sergio Tommasini, Giada Politanò, Chiara Porcino, Laura Gangemi, Sonia Petruzza, Luca Calabrese, Mariagrazia Nucera, Alba Orlando, Erika Campisi; in the double bass, Davide Sergi.

The program is ranging over a wide period of time (from the seventeenth century to the present day), of genres and tastes, with music by: Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Elgar, Di Capua, Bregovitch, Kander, Piovani, Jenkins.

Speakers will greet: the director of the MArRC Carmelo Malacrino and the director of the “F. Cilea” Mariella Grande.

The title of the musical performance – the director Grande explains – represents “the intent of the concert: to communicate music as “art in movement”. Once, museums were considered as silent “temples”, today they are living places thanks to the alliance with music and other arts”.