Tickets cost

Ticket prices valid until June 30, 2024.

Entrance to the museum is subject to charges:
€ 8,00 Full ticket
€ 2,00 Reduced ticket for visitors aged 18 to 25
FREE ENTRANCE for all citizens of the European Union under the age of 18.
FREE ENTRY is allowed for particular events, both national and local, made known through the MiBAC website.

Some temporary exhibitions may have an additional cost compared to the admission ticket even for exempt visitors.

From 1 July 2024

ORDINARY adults: €10.00
REDUCED-PRICE TICKET: 2.00 € – For young people aged between 18 and 25.
MArRC GOLD: 22.00 € – Annual subscription for individuals, allowing unlimited access for one calendar year from the date of purchase.
MArRC FAMILY: 40.00 € – Annual subscription for families (2 adults and children under 18), allowing unlimited access to MArRC for one calendar year from the date of purchase.
MArRC YOUNG: 5.00 € – Annual subscription for young people aged between 18 and 25, allowing unlimited access for one calendar year from the date of purchase.
MArRC FRIENDS: 8.00 € – Reserved for companions of subscription holders.
MArRC SLIM: 5.00 € – Allows access to the museum from 6:00 PM until closing time.
MArRC EXPO: 5.00 € – Allows access to selected temporary exhibitions chosen by the Management.
MArRC PLUS: 13.00 € – To be activated in case of paid temporary exhibitions. Allows access to the museum and exhibitions.
FREE ENTRY: for all citizens under 18 years old from the European Union and for the categories specified in D.M. 507/1997 and subsequent amendments.
Some temporary exhibitions may have additional costs even for exempt categories. Tickets can be purchased at the museum until 7:30 PM unless extended hours until 10:30 PM are in effect.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum ticket office

  1. CLICK HERE to find out which categories are eligible for FREE ENTRY

    directly at the ticket offices of the exhibition venues, by showing a document certifying one of the following conditions:

    • to non-EU minors;
    • to the citizens of the European Union, under 18;
    • to citizens of the European Union with disabilities and to a family member or other companion who demonstrates their membership in social-health assistance services (Ministerial Decree No. 239 of 20 April 2006);
    • to citizens of non-EU countries on the “condition of reciprocity” (children under 12 must be accompanied);
    • to European Union tourist guides in the exercise of their professional activity, by showing a valid license issued by the competent authority;
    • to tourist interpreters of the European Union when their work is needed alongside the guide, by showing a valid license issued by the competent authority;
    • to the staff of the Ministry;
    • to the members of the I.C.O.M. (International Council of Museums);
    • to groups or groups of students of public and private schools of the European Union, accompanied by their teachers, by reservation and in the quota established by the head of the institute;
    • to the students of the advanced training courses of the Schools of the Ministry (Central Institute for Restoration, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, School for the Restoration of the Mosaic);
    • to teachers and students enrolled in fine arts academies or corresponding institutes of the European Union, by showing the enrollment certificate for the current academic year;
    • to teachers and students of degree courses, postgraduate or post-graduate courses and research doctorates of the following faculties: architecture, conservation of cultural heritage, education sciences or letters and philosophy with an archaeological or historical-artistic orientation. The same facilities are allowed to faculty and faculty students or corresponding courses, established in the States of the European Union. Free admission is allowed to the students by showing the enrollment certificate for the current academic year, to the teachers by showing a suitable document according to the Miur model duly completed by the school they belong to;
    • to teachers of art history of high school institutions, by showing a suitable document;
    • to journalists in good standing with the payment of membership fees, by showing a suitable document proving the professional activity carried out (see DD of 7/09/2016 DG-Museums);
    • for reasons of study, research attested by educational institutions or universities, academies, research institutes and culture Italians or foreigners, as well as organs of the Ministry, or for particular and motivated needs the Heads of Institutes can allow free entry into exhibition venues of their own competence and for specific periods to those who request them;
    • to European tour guides, licensed. (see circular n.20 / 2016 DG-Museums)
    • to the teaching staff of the role school and with a fixed-term contract, free admission to the museums, to the archaeological areas and parks and to the monumental complexes of the State is allowed, the MiBACT has adhered to the initiative as regards access to spaces where exhibits or temporary exhibitions are set up with an exhibition itinerary separated from the ordinary tour route. As a consequence, the entitled persons will be able to access these paid spaces, using the shopping vouchers, which can be generated through an IT application (, active starting from 30 November 2016 (see circular DG -Museums n.77 / 2016).


Close on Monday

Opening tuesday- sunday

From 9 a.m. to 8.p.m

Last admittance 7.30 p.m.

On wednesday ticket costs less

Mask strongly recommended

Reservation is not requested.

Tickets available for purchase also in the museum

Access to the hall


Access to the Riace Bronzes Hall is allowed only for groups of up to twenty people at a time and it is subject to time limitations, according to the following program:

  • stop for about 20 minutes in the pre-filter room, during which a video entertains the public with updates on the state of research on the Riace Bronzes;
  • stop for about 3 minutes in the filter room;
  • visit to the Bronzes for about 10 minutes;
  • exit.

ENTRANCE TIMES: starting at 9.10 am every twenty minutes.


Free admission

Free entry (free) is allowed  for particular national and local events, published on this web site and on the MiBAC corporate website.

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