Roots, memory, territory. A journey through time and the human soul with Aldo Mantineo

Roots, memory, territory. A journey through time and the human soul with Aldo Mantineo

The month of August begins with an extraordinary appointment for the Summer Nights at the MArRC, in the name of history and of the contaminations between literature, cinema and news. The journalist and writer Aldo Mantineo, head of the newspaper “Gazzetta del Sud”, will meet the guests of the Museum on the theme “The roots, the memory, the territory”, on Thursday August the 2nd at 9.00 pm.

During the evening the short film “Blossom and cement” will be screened, from a story written by Mantineo himself, directed by Paolo Ghezzi and with the Sicilian actor Francesco Di Lorenzo in the role of protagonist, music by Alessandro Faro, photography by Giuseppe Migliara.

The event is being organizing in collaboration with the Calabria International Writers Center.

They will introduce: the director of the Museum, Carmelo Malacrino, and the president of the CIS, Loreley Rosita Borruto.

Will present the historian Pasquale Amato, professor at the University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri”, member of the Scientific Committee of CIS.

The link with one’s own roots, both familiar and environmental, is in a continuous dialectical position in front of the temptations of change, just as love for nature is constantly confronted with the seductions of power and the desire for control.

It will be – Mantineo says to present – “a sort of ‘journey’ over time, which transforms a business in which many-zero figures are at stake in a vehement defense of their land, but also in the recovery of their own experience. A sudden, and up to that point perhaps even unexpected, explosion of love that explodes through a few drops of lemon that ends up accidentally on the hand. And when that juice, through the mouth, reaches the brain and the heart, it becomes a whole other story … “. A very interesting storry, that is waiting for you…