Europe for Citizens – European Memory: Infoday at the MArRC

Europe for Citizens – European Memory: Infoday at the MArRC

The National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria is pleased to host on Tuesday November 5th morning, starting at 9.00 am, in the magnificent space of Piazza Paolo Orsi, the presentation of the European funding program “Europe for Citizens 2014 -2020”, edited in Italy by a dedicated office at the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

The aim of the European program is to contribute to the understanding of the European Union through the knowledge of its history and the richness of its cultural diversity, instead to favor integration between peoples and a greater awareness of value identity of European citizenship. The enhancement of the common cultural heritage is a strategic resource for achieving the program’s civilization objectives.

The office of MiBACT Europe for Citizens Point Italy, under the direction of Pia Petrangeli, carries out an activity of information, communication, dissemination, training and assistance to citizens, to promote and encourage participation in European tenders and provide help to take advantage of the benefits.

The theme of the call for the year 2019 has been “European Memory. Town twinning, city networks, civil society projects”. The European funds have been destined to support projects that promote attention to crucial moments of recent European history for a reflection on the causes and consequences of totalitarian regimes in the modern age.

Out of 45 selected projects, 4 have been Italian.

The Infoday program at the MArRC provides, after the institutional greetings of the director of the Museum, Carmelo Malacrino, and the brief interventions of Elisabetta Scungio, official and Project Manager at the General Secretariat of the MiBACT, and Patrizia Carratta, Project Assistant. The “good practices” will therefore be presented in the context of the winning projects of this year’s call, by: Luigi Iuppa, mayor of the Municipality of Geraci Siculo; Roberto Ameruso, mayor of the Municipality of Tarsia, and Roberto Cannizzaro, managing director of the Municipality of Tarsia; Francesco Altimari, full professor of Albanian language and literature at the University of Calabria and honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Albania; Annunziato Squillaci, of the Hellenophone Association “Jalò tu Vua”.

Participation in the event is free. You can register at the web address: