“Different Skills and Inclusion”, conference-training course with social crowdfunding

“Different Skills and Inclusion”, conference-training course with social crowdfunding

Appointment in solidarity at the MArRC on Thursday September 20th at 3.30 pm in the Conference Room together with the associations Taranta Wine Fest and Keluna and with the Meridonare Foundation, for the conference-training course “Different Skills and Inclusion”.

During the meeting, the crowdfunding campaign will be presented aimed at creating a swing for children in wheelchairs on the Lungomare Paolo Latella di Pellaro.

Taranta Wine Fest is sensitive to the issues of social inclusion and contributes through ArtBonus to the project of creating a tactile path for the visually impaired at MArRC.

Speakers at the conference: the psychologist-psychotherapist Rosa Calabrò, spokesperson of the TarantaWineFest; the president of the Keluna association, Nadia Laganà, with the vice-president, Concetta Calù; the coordinator of the Observatory on the inclusion and rights of persons with disabilities in the Reggio Calabria Metropolitan Area, Angelo Marra; the president of the Paraolimpico Calabria Committee, Antonello Scagliola; the social specialist assistant Viviana Porcino; the president of the Regional Commission for Equality of Rights and Equal Opportunities Cinzia Nava.

Greetings: the director of MArRC, Carmelo Malacrino, and the president of the Order of Social Assistants Calabria, Danilo Ferrara. The director Malacrino comments on the initiative: “The National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria has always been sensitive to the issue of accessibility for all, immediately proposing itself as a place of culture without barriers, neither cultural nor physical. After the multimedia journey in the International Language of Signs, we are planning the tactile path for the visually impaired, for whose realization we hope that individuals and associations will want to make a substantial contribution through the ArtBonus portal”.