“Between dreams and reality: different skills and responsibilities of the other”, conference-training course

“Between dreams and reality: different skills and responsibilities of the other”, conference-training course

The Museum is a place of welcome and integration between cultures, communities and skills, of training to combat any form of marginalization. So that full solidarity as participation becomes a reality as a daily practice, the MArRC hosts the conference “Between dreams and reality: different skills and responsibilities of the other”, on Wednesday, November 28th, at 3.00 – 6.00 pm, in Conference Hall .

The meeting, accredited to the Order of Social Workers of Calabria for the issue of training credits, is promoted by the National Educational Sports Center (CSEN), a body of social and sports promotion recognized by the CONI, in collaboration with the Keluna and TarantaWineFest associations and with the Meridonare foundation.

The program includes the following interventions: Andrea Bruni, CSEN’s national project manager; Cinzia Nava, president of the Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities; Emanuele Mattia, president of the UNICEF Provincial Committee of Reggio Calabria; Antonino Scagliola, president of the Italian Paralympic Committee of Calabria; Nicoletta Latella, social worker; Daniela Rossi, senior CISMe designer; Alessandro Cartisano, president of the Abakhi Reggio Calabria association; Rosa Calabrò, psychologist, referent for the crowdfunding campaign. The journalist Paola Suraci, director in charge of “Immezcla.it”, moderates.

The appointment is on the eve of the International Day of People with Disabilities, which is celebrated on December 3rd and established by the United Nations in 1992 to promote awareness in the process of inclusion in social and working life.

During the conference will be presented the crowdfunding campaign for the construction of a swing for children in wheelchairs, initiated by TarantaWineFest, a strategic partner of the MArRC, which supports the fundraising for the activation of a tactile path for the blind and visually impaired at the Museum through ArtBonus.

We will also talk about the project of CSEN “Integrated Sports Caravan: solidarity, inclusion, participation”, funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. The “Caravan” composed of four teams of 27 athletes, including 18 disabled, will stop in Reggio Calabria from 20 to 22 March 2019.

“This meeting – the director Carmelo Malacrino declares – takes on a significance of great importance in the activities of enhancement and relationship with the territory. Cultural institutions must pursue the mission of creating collaborative networks to meet the needs of all citizens, meeting the different needs of individuals in the field of culture, art and knowledge. The partnership with CSEN and with TarantaWineFest – continues – marks a step forward in the inclusive and vital sharing project that guides all the activities of the Museum”.