Culture and identity of the Greek Aspromonte. Paths between food symbols

Culture and identity of the Greek Aspromonte. Paths between food symbols

Exceptional appointments for magnificent Summer Nights at the MArRC on the terrace, between nature and culture, continue in August month in collaboration with the partners for the enhancement of the cultural heritage.

On Saturday, August 3rd, at 9.00 pm, the Aspromonte National Park Authority promotes the evocative event “Lights on the Park. Culture and identity of the Greek Aspromonte”.

The event is part of a program to protect and enhance the Greek intangible cultural heritage, in collaboration with the Ape Brutia Association of Bova Marina. The focus is on the traditions of reception and integration of the Greek historical-linguistic minorities of Italy and in particular in Calabria, in the southern Aspromonte, through food and its symbologies.

The program includes the tasting of typical products and flavors of the Greek tradition, based on lestopitta stuffed with citrus honey and IGT di Palizzi red wine, accompanied by testimonies and stories by Pasquale Faenza, scholar of Greek culture and component of the Italian association for biological culture in Calabria.

“We continue to work with the aim of offering our communities and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the natural and cultural beauties of a park that wants to be appreciated and valued. Saturday’s event at the Archaeological Museum is enhancing the historical, traditional and contemporary reality of the Greek Aspromonte with its cultural and identity heritage, with particular reference to the symbolism of food”, the vice president of the Park Aspromonte Domenico Creazzo says.

The director Carmelo Malacrino comments: “The partnership with the Park Authority allows us to better understand the close relationship between nature and culture in Calabria through direct experience, which enriches intellectual knowledge and restores vitality and breath to the archaeological evidence that the Museum guards and exposes”.

In agreement with the MArRC, from Monday 29 July to Sunday 8 September, a Parkbus service will be active for fantastic excursions from the Museum to the Park.