Ceremony for the presentation of the Nosside Poetry Award 2019

Ceremony for the presentation of the Nosside Poetry Award 2019

It will be the magical Christmas scene in Piazza Paolo Orsi, under the lights of the Tree and under the “ancient” gaze of the magnificent Riace Bronzes, that will host the Poetry Nosside Award 2019 Ceremony at MArRC, on Friday, November 29th, starting at 5.00 pm, which celebrates the XXXIV edition in the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Professor Pasquale Amato, founder and president of the Award – which takes its name from the poet magnogreca Nosside di Locri, who lived in the III Century BC, and is organized by the Bosio Study Center, under the patronage of UNESCO – explains that “its ‘strategic’ identity is precisely the enhancement of the multiple cultural identities of the planet, in the opening to all languages and dialects and, in particular, to those minority or at risk of extinction. This project – Amato continues – was born and grew up in the wake of a dream: of a world without borders of languages and cultures, without religious, ideological and ethnic prejudices. It is based on the conviction that dialogue that builds bridges and breaks down walls is possible through the poetic imagery, in the mutual respect of all large and small cultures of the planet Earth”. The award ceremony takes place in the “splendid National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, which recalls the Hellenic civilization of which Reghion was the first polis in Calabria, in 730 a. C .; and it is a magnificent outcome for an idea born on the Reggio coast of the mythical Strait of Scylla and Charybdis, which has fascinated poets and artists for millennia”.

The absolute winners of this 2019 edition are: the Colombian Fredy Chikangana and the Swiss-Italian Davide Rocco Colacrai.

The special mentions have been recognized to two Italians and a Greek: Eufemia Attanasi, Giuseppina De Felice, Makis Psaradellis.

The extraordinary mentions were assigned to: the Italian Claudia Crabuzza and Sonia Giovannetti; the Dominican Ivana Garcia Garcia; the Maltese Elisabeth Grech; the Mexican Barbara Guadalupe Hernandez Santos; the Greek Alexandros Stefopoulos; the Cuban Patricio Velasquez Perez.

Mentions have been recognized to lyrics by authors from Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Philippines, Greece, Israel, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Romania, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela. The languages in which the poems were composed are: Salento grika, Catalan from Alghero, Galician from Spain, Reggio Calabria dialect, Mongolian language and Tagalog language of the Philippines.

The international Jury, chaired by professor Giuseppe Amoroso, is composed of: Vincenzo Crupi (vice-president); Rosamaria Malafarina (secretary); Giuseppe Cardello (Italy), Rosalie Gallo (Brazil), Mariela Johnson Salfrán (Cuba), Patricia Peterle (Brazil), Angelo Rizzi (France), Antonio Rossi (Italy), Serena Stilo (Italy).

The material award is a creation of the goldsmith artist Gerardo Sacco on a work by the futurist Umberto Boccioni.